Updates, Thanks & News

If I had a big pile of cash to hand, I would post a picture of it here, as the last few days have been brilliant for fundraising.  Those 357 auctions have raised a LOT of money and I am right in line with my plans for adding a four figure donation to the charity upon my return from Chester next week.  I’m just waiting for payments to come in so I can withdraw them from my Paypal Account and then it’s GO GO GO!

The totaliser will also be rising thanks to those awesome folk who have sponsored me in the last couple of weeks.  Every one of you knows who you are and you are very much thanked!  Last night I hit £100 in text donations alone (you know… when you pick up your phone and text TBYT99 £3 to 70070) and this is a brilliant boost to my fundraising and will be added into the totaliser next week.  Please do take a moment to text in a donation, it takes a second and helps out a brilliant cause – Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Thanks also to all the celebs and friends who have retweeted the site link in the last couple of days, you really helped bring attention to the auctions 🙂

Next event is just three days ago, and it’s the last marathon of the year for me, in Chester. It will be the first marathon I have done which crosses over two countries and I’m very much looking forward to it.  I’ll be taking the laptop with me, so you can expect updates over the weekend.

In the meantime, I’m getting all those sales packaged up and finally getting a massive outlist of requests out tomorrow to try and boost the ScribbleDoodle Auction numbers.

I’m also planning to get some more auctions online today and tomorrow to add some more into the kitty, so keep your eyes on the site as always.

Busy times, and it’s all doing well!


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