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london15medalSo, over the years I have taken part in so many events I cannot count them.  Well  I could but, but I won’t.  In the meantime, from treks to marathons, here’s some highlights…  *work in progress*

London Marathon (2009, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017…)london09

It wasn’t my first marathon, but it’s the one I run most often, where I set my first proper decent PB and one of the best marathons in the world to run.  I’ve raced in London six times to date, and am signed up for 2018 already.

New York End 2010New York City Marathon (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

New York was my first ever marathon, dropped into the big one by a last minute place offered to me by Cancer Research UK.  Wow.. what an experience… I finished it and swore I’d never run another one.  And promptly signed up for 2008.  The Big Apple is spectacular, with the run taking you through all five boroughs.  It’s a tough race… with the undulating finish in Central Park extremely hard, but the welcome on the streets makes it totally unique.  I am currently looking at ways to return to the city in 2018.

Berlin Marathon (2011,2012,2017)

Having decided I wanted a change after four years of running in NYC, I opted to travel toberlin1 Germany and take on my third World Major Series Marathon.   A flat course around the city, finishes through the iconic Brandenburg Gate, and for four years provided me with my PB.  All major events have awesome crowds, but 1000 people screaming my name as I rounded the corner to the Gate will be something I never forget.  I love Berlin as a city and MP2after a hiatus period, I returned to the city in 2017 and ran my second sub 5 hour marathon in the space of seven days as part of #The4RaceChallenge.

Trek Peru (2006) and Trek Patagonia (2007)

These were my first ever charity events, taking part in awesome treks across South America and raising £8k for Cancer Research UK in the process. Under the guidance of the excellent Max Milligan on both occasions, I was honoured to see bits of the Andes most don’t get to thanks to his local knowledge.  To visit Machu Picchu was mindblowing, and the scenery at the Torres del Paines in Patagonia was equally stunning.  These events set me on my way to a decade of fundraising, and the friends I made on those treks are still friends today!

Other Events…

Through the years I have taken part in loads more events… multiple Great Scottish Runs (2017 will be my tenth in a row over the half marathon distance), as well as repeat visits to the Great North Run.  I’ve taken part in more 10k events than I can count across the Glasgow and the Central Belt.  I’ve ran marathons in Chester and Edinburgh, and completed Glasgow Shine and Kiltwalk (both 26.2mile walks).  I’ve ran around the streets in a Santa Suit, waved glow sticks through the night and generally put myself through the mill in the name of some pretty epic charities.



One Response to Previous Events

  1. Warren Brooker says:

    Had a blast running / jogging & walking with you in the Bupa 10000… I have already signed up for 201… Seeyou there buddy… Good luck for the rest of your fundraising in 2011.


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