I have decided to set myself a different kind of challenge as part of my fundraising in 2015, one which tallies with what I enjoy and what I think could raise some awesome money given the right amount of input.  You will all have figured out that I love meeting athletes and other competitors from Olympics, Commonwealth, Paralympic sports etc, so I am hoping, through the course of 2015/16 to meet every member of Team Scotland from the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.  It’s not going to be easy, they are spread far and wide, but it’s the challenge I have set myself.  My plan is to have an awesome cool item multi signed by each of them, and then auction it at the end of the period to support Maggie’s Centres in Glasgow.   I have of course met several of the team before, and there will be a wee mark next to their name below to indicate this, but I really am hoping to meet everyone during the next 12 months.

Item 1 which will hopefully be multi signed will be an awesome Glasgow 2014 official volunteer red poloshirt very kindly donated by Craig Rathey.  I’m looking forward to getting it signed up.   Thanks hugely for your support Craig 🙂

Item 2 is an official Team Scotland Commonwealth Games poloshirt, which was donated to me by the awesome Grant Plenderleith.  At the moment, the white shirt is signed by all the same people as the red, with the exception of Jamie Bowie.  Huge thanks to Grant for donating this awesome piece of kit 🙂

If you can help, if there is a way for you to get me in touch with one of the squad, if you hear they will be somewhere doing something, then let me know and I will be there.  All help in this endeavour appreciated.  It’s a new kind of challenge for me, and I am determined to rock it.  This page will carry all updates through the year as I tick names off the list, so let’s make this happen 😀  Thank you in advance.

93 signatures obtained!

+ indicates I have a kit donation from them which will be auctioned at same time as the #TeamScotlandChallenge shirts.
*  indicates I have met this Team Scotland member prior to 2015 as well.



 Lewis Clow  (1oom T37)*
Jason MacLean (100m T37)
Guy Learmonth (800m) SIGNED 23/1/15 

Signed Bib from the 2016 GlasgowGP donated by Guy

David Bishop (1500m)*
Chris O’Hare (1500m)
Jake Wightman (1500m) 
SIGNED 6/6/15
Luke Caldwell (5000m/10000m)*
Signed 6/6/15
Callum Hawkins (10000m)
Signed 04/10/15
Andrew Lemoncello  (10000m) SIGNED 2/10/16  lemoncello
Stephen Lisgo  (3000m S/C)
Kris Robertson (4x400m)
SIGNED 2/3/15
Jamie Bowie (4x400m) SIGNED 23/1/15   
Greg Louden (4x400m) SIGNED 23/1/15   
Grant Plenderleith (4x400m) SIGNED 24/1/15   Plenderleith
Derek Hawkins (Marathon)
Signed 04/10/15
Ross Houston (Marathon)
Libby Clegg (100m T12)
Mikhail Huggins (100m T12 Guide)
Emily Dudgeon (800m)*+
Laura Muir (800m/1500m)* SIGNED 24/1/15   
Lynsey Sharp (800m)*
SIGNED 4/6/16
Megan Dawson-Farrell (1500m T54)
Samantha Kinghorn (1500m T54) 
Signed 04/11/15
Beth Potter (5000m/10000m) SIGNED 2/10/16  potter
Steph Twell (5000m)* SIGNED 10/9/16  twell
Laura Whittle (5000m)
Signed 6/6/15
Eilidh Doyle (400mH)*
Signed 6/6/15
(note – signed as Eilidh Child)
Eilish McColgan (3000m S/C)* SIGNED 10/9/16  mccolgan
Lennie Waite (3000m S/C)*
Kirsten McAslan (4x400m)
Diane Ramsay (4x400m) SIGNED 24/1/15   
Gemma Nicol (4x400m)
Zoey Clark (4x400m)
Hayley Haining (Marathon)
Susan Partridge (Marathon)
SIGNED 25/4/16
Joasia Zakrzewksi (Marathon)
Ray Bobrownicki (High Jump) SIGNED 24/1/15   Bobrownicki
Allan Smith (High Jump)
David Smith (High Jump)
Jax Thoirs (Pole Vault)
Gregor MacLean (Pole Vault)*
Angus McInroy (Discus)SIGNED 2/3/15  McInroy
Nick Percy (Discus)
James Campbell (Javelin)
Chris Bennett (Hammer) SIGNED 24/1/15  Bennett
Mark Dry (Hammer)*
Signed 6/6/15
Andrew Frost (Hammer)
Jade Nimmo (Long Jump)
Sarah Warnock (Long Jump) SIGNED 24/1/15   Warnock
Rachel McKenzie (High Jump)
Emma Nuttall (High Jump)+
Jayne Nisbet (High Jump)
Henrietta Paxton (Pole Vault)
Alison Rodger (Shot Put)
Kirsty Yates (Shot Put)
Kirsty Law (Discus)
Signed 6/6/15
Rachel Hunter (Hammer)
Susan McKelvie (Hammer)
Myra Perkins (Hammer)
Kieran Merrilees


Caitlin Pringle

Kirsty Gilmour
Signed 9/11/15
Robert Blair
Signed 9/11/15
Paul van Rietvelde
Martin Campbell
SIGNED 2/3/15
Patrick MacHugh*+
SIGNED 2/3/15
Imogen Bankier
Jillie Cooper
Aqeel Ahmed
 Stephen Lavelle*
Charlie Flynn*
Signed 04/10/15
 Reece McFadden*
 Joe Ham SIGNED 27/5/16  ham1
 Josh Taylor*
 Lewis Benson
 Kieran Smith
 Scott Forrest
 Ross Henderson
 Grant Ferguson (Mountain/Road Race) SIGNED 28/9/16  ferguson
 Kenta Gallagher (Mountain)
 Gareth Montgomerie (Mountain)
 Lee Craigie (Mountain) 

SIGNED 30/9/15

 Kerry MacPhee (Mountain)
 Jessie Roberts (Mountain)
 Andrew Fenn  (Road Race)
 James McCallum  (Road Race) SIGNED 31/01/15  McCallum
 David Millar (Road Race/TT)*
 Jack Pullar (Road Race)
Katie Archibald (Road Race/TT) SIGNED 28/9/16  archibald
Anne Ewing (Road Race)
Charline Joiner (Road Race/Track) – SIGNED 24/1/15  Jones&Joiner
Gemma Neil (Road Race)
Eileen Roe (Road Race/Track)
Claire Thomas (Road Race)
 Lucy Coldwell (TT)
 Anna Turvey (TT/Track)
 John Paul (Track)
 Chris Pritchard (Track)
Callum Skinner (Track) SIGNED 28/9/16  skinner
Evan Oliphant (Track)
Alistair Rutherford (Track)
Mark Stewart (Track)
 Jenny Davis (Track) SIGNED 31/01/15  Davis
 Eleanor Richardson (Track)
 Aileen McGlynn (Track)* 
Signed 04/11/15
 Louise Haston (Track Pilot) SIGNED 31/01/15  Haston
 Neil Fachie (Track)*+ SIGNED 28/9/16  fachieturnham
 Craig MacLean (Track Pilot)*
 Laura Cluxton (Track)
 Fiona Duncan (Track Pilot)
 Jonny Biggin (Track)
 Bruce Croall (Track)
 James Heatly
 Grace Reid
 Frank Baines (Artistic)
 Adam Cox (Artistic)
 Liam Davie (Artistic)* SIGNED 13/02/15   Davie
 Daniel Keatings (Artistic)*
 Daniel Purvis (Artistic)+
 Cara Kennedy (Artistic)
 Erin McLachlan (Artistic)
 Amy Regan (Artistic)
Signed 02/10/15
 Carly Smith (Artistic)
 Emma White (Artistic)
SIGNED 20/7/15
 Becky Bee (Rhythmic)
 Lauren Brash (Rhythmic)
 Victoria Clow (Rhythmic)
 Jamie Cachia
 Michael Bremner 
SIGNED 25/6/15
 Daniel Coultas
SIGNED 25/6/15
 David Forsyth

SIGNED 25/6/15
 William Marshall
SIGNED 25/6/15
 Chris Grassick 
SIGNED 25/6/15
 Gordon McIntyre
 Nicky Parkes
SIGNED 25/6/15
 Chris Nelson
 Iain Scholefield
 Niall Stott
 Ross Stott
 Kenny Bain
SIGNED 25/6/15
 Alan Forsyth
SIGNED 25/6/15
 Gareth Hall
 Ian Moodie
Sarah Robertson
SIGNED 26/6/15
 Vicki Bunce
SIGNED 26/6/15
 Morag McLellan
 Alison Bell
 Rebecca Ward 
SIGNED 26/6/15
 Catriona Ralph
 Linda Clement
 Ailsa Wyllie
 Leigh Fawcett 
SIGNED 26/6/15
 Nikki Kidd
SIGNED 26/6/15
 Susan McGilveray
SIGNED 26/6/15
 Nikki Lloyd
SIGNED 26/6/15
 Nicki Skrastin
Signed 04/11/15
 Emily Maguire
 Aileen Davis
SIGNED 26/6/15
 Amy Gibson

SIGNED 26/6/15
 John Buchanan*
 James Millar* SIGNED 03/02/15  Inglis&Millar
 Patrick Dawson
 Andrew Burns
 Euan Burton*
 Matthew Purssey
 Christopher Sherrington
Kimberly Renicks* SIGNED 03/02/15  Renicks&Renicks
 Louise RenicksSIGNED 03/02/15  Renicks&Renicks
 Stephanie Inglis SIGNED 03/02/15  Inglis&Millar
 Connie Ramsay
 Sarah Clark
 Sarah Adlington
 Darren Burnett
 Paul Foster
 Alex Marshall
 David Peacock
 Neil Speirs
 Caroline Brown
 Lorraine Malloy
 Lauren Baillie
 Claire Johnston
 Margaret Letham
Robert Conway
Ron McArthur (guide)
Irene Edgar
 David Thomas (guide)
 Billy Allan
 Michael Simpson
 Kevin Wallace
 Claire Brownie
 Karin Connell
Signed 04/11/15
 Rachel Forbes
 Lynsey Gallagher
 Lesley McDonald
Signed 04/11/15
 June McNeill
 Fiona Moore-McGrath
 Hayley Mulheron
 Samantha Murphy
 Joanne Pettitt
 Gemma Sole
 Fiona Themann
 Mark Bennett SIGNED 23/9/16  bennettm1

08/05/15  Colin Gregor* SIGNED
 Lee Jones – SIGNED 24/1/15 in Glasgow  Jones&Joiner
 Stuart Hogg
 James Johnstone SIGNED 08/05/15   Eddie,Johnstone&Gregor
 Scott Wight
 Richie Vernon
 James Eddie* SIGNED 08/05/15  Eddie,Johnstone&Gregor
 Sean Lamont
 Colin Shaw*
 Scott Riddell* SIGNED 08/05/15
Tommy Seymour SIGNED 19/9/16  seymour
 Neil Stirton
 Jonathan Hammond
 David Owen
 Alan Ritchie
 Alan Goodall
 John MacDonald
 Jonathan Reid
 Drew Christie
 Jennifer McIntosh
 Seonaid McIntosh
 Sarah Henderson
 Caroline Brownlie
 Shona Marshall
 Sian Bruce
 Angus McLeod
 Ian Shaw
 Alan Clyne
SIGNED 26/8/15
 Greg Lobban
 Kevin Moran
Signed 26/8/15
 Harry Leitch
 Stuart Crawford
 Alex Clark
 Frania Gillen-Buchert SIGNED 03/02/15  FraniaGB
 Richard Schaffers
 Robert Renwick
 Craig Rodgie
 Stephen Milne SIGNED 28/9/16  milne2
 Daniel Wallace SIGNED 28/9/16  wallace
 Martin Cremin
 Craig Hamilton
 Rory Lamont
 Andrew McGovern
 Jack Ness
 Ryan Bennett
 Craig McNally
 Ross Murdoch*
SIGNED 26/6/15
 Mark Tully
SIGNED 26/6/15
 Joe Welstead
 Craig Benson*
 Michael Jamieson*+  
SIGNED 26/6/15
 Calum Tait
 Cameron Brodie
 Lewis Smith
 Ross Muir
 Kieran McGuckin
 Duncan Scott SIGNED 28/9/16  scott1
 Jak Scott
 Jack Thorpe
 Craig Hamilton
 Gareth Mills
 Sian Harkin
 Caitlin McClatchey* SIGNED 28/9/16  mcclatchey
 Hannah Miley
 Camilla Hattersley
SIGNED 26/2/15
 Aisha Thornton
SIGNED 26/6/15
 Kathleen Dawson
 Kathryn Johnstone
 Corrie Scott
SIGNED 26/6/15
 Andrea Strachan
 Katie Armitage*
 Erraid Davies
 Lucy Hope
 Rachel Masson
SIGNED 26/6/15
 Megan Gilchrist
 Rachael O’Donnell
 Fiona Donnelly
 Sean Doherty+
 Craig Howieson
 Gavin Rumgay
 Gillian Edwards
 Lynda Flaws
 Corinna Whitaker
 Niall Whittaker
 Mark Austin
 David McNamee
 Grant Sheldon
 Natalie Milne
 Seonaid Thompson
 Peter Kirkbride*
 Sophie Smyth
 Georgina Black
 Louise Mather
 Michael Yule
 Brian Harper
 Ross McFarlane SIGNED 16/02/15  McFarlane
 Viorel Etko
 Alex Gladkov SIGNED 13/02/15  Gladkov
 Gareth Jones
SIGNED 28/2/15
 Luigi Bianco
 Lewis Waddell
 Donna Robertson
 Fiona Robertson
 Jayne Clason
 Shannon Hawke
 Kathryn Marsh
 Chelsea Murphy
 Sarah Jones

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