More Information

So… there’s a myriad of information that can go on this page.  **Work in Progress**

Contact Details
You can reach me via a range of methods.  Email me on, tweet me @13challenge or call me on 07939157354. Email/Twitter is preferred for ease of reaching me.

I would be delighted to speak to any members of the press about my fundraising, to promote the fundraising, auctions, and especially the charities themselves.  Whether you are a multinational news conglomerate or a local website, I would be thrilled to speak to you.  Please do get in touch using the details above.

About Me
So who am I?  Good question.  I’m Robin… I live in Glasgow’s sunny SouthSide, in the shadows of Hampden Park with my rather demented cat Lazarus while trying to pretend I am nowhere near my mid thirties.  When I am not working in libraries and sports centres around the area, I can be found chasing down celebrities to help with my fundraising.  Or running some marathon somewhere in the world.  Or travelling, I do love my travelling.

The Charities
I have chosen my charities for various reasons, but they have a common theme running through them.  You can see the full list of who I have supported through the years and how much money has been donated by visiting my Totaliser Page. I am extremely proud to support these charities, and feel a massive affinity with them, especially Maggie’s Centres and Children with Cancer UK who I have been involved with for many years. They are wonderful charities, who do amazing things and I am thrilled you have visited my website to help me support them.

Thanks are due to so many people that I cannot keep track of them.  Here’s an attempt.  Top of the list is the charities who back what I do, and help me in how I fundraise.  They tolerate my madness, and guide me all the way.  The team at CWCUK is awesome.  Ben, Emily & the team have my eternal thanks.  Julie at Maggie’s (and Libby in the past) as well as everyone in the centre have the same, it’s a magical place full of magical people. All the volunteers at races I do… you’re invaluable!  There is an army of people who have helped me get items signed through the years, especially for the Celebrity Xmas Auctions and who have added thousands to the pot in terms of funds raised.  Top of that list is the #GeordieMassive – led by their fearless frontman Josh Huntley.  Josh goes above and beyond throughout the year to help me, along with Shearer, Julie, Darren, Scott, and of course Miley Cyrus!  I can’t thank you guys enough.  The Legend of London, friend of the stars, James Rhodes is the man who somehow gets me Xmas Cards from Tom Hiddleston and constantly supports me in what I do.  He’s also excellent company in the capital when I am out and about.  To all who have helped me in this way, thank you!  To all the celebrities who have signed for me, created items, been awesome, even donated money, thank you!  I love each and every one of you.  To friends and loved ones, past and present, thanks for being there when you were, my fundraising is a big part of my life, and I sacrifice a lot for it, as have you.