#The4RaceChallenge – COMPLETE!

Okay, we all know I am a nightmare with updating this blog…  hopefully with the new challenges of 2018 I will be better at it.  In the meantime,  I have been soooo busy over the last few weeks ticking off the events of #The4RaceChallenge, and wow did it happen in style!  This is going to be a LOOOONG post, so stick with it 🙂

peanutIt seems so long ago that it all kicked off, but was really just three weeks with one of my favourite races.. the Great North Run.  Taking me from Gateshead to South Shields, it’s the biggest mass participation event in the world.  Literally.  Over 55000 runners take part every year.  I went into it confident.  13.1 miles: an easy start to the challenge.  I felt in the best shape I had ever been in and was still on a high from the PB set over Marathon distance in London back in April.  And well it went… I was aiming to go Sub 2 hour for the first time over the half marathon distance, and though I didn’t think I was going to manage it as I passed the 11 mile mark I pushed hard, found the energy and not only went sub 2, but actually knocked five more minutes off it, finishing in 1.54.55 !  There’s a cheesy post race photo of me with Kaiser Chiefs keyboardist Peanut!tyne

Next up… Race 2 and the first of two back to back marathons, taking on a different London race… The Richmond RunFest Marathon.  Richmond is a stunning part of the world and I was looking forward to running in a neck of the woods I hadn’t been to since I lived down south!  So my target… to go under 5 hours.  I hadn’t really thought much rey1about the route, but logic should have told me this wasn’t going to be a straightforward tarmac run.  Richmond… opening 5km in the stunning Kew Gardens before taking on the miles down the Thames to Kingston.  I won’t deny that the constant loops and double backs are frustrating…  but you gotta make up that distance.  It’s a lovely race, and I really surprised myself with how I performed on the mixed terrain course… and I came home in an awesome PB of 4.35.44!    Among the highlights of the day was catching up with the awesome Rey of BeSmartGetFit fame for the first time in five years!

Richmond was closely followed by a second marathon in seven days (albeit with a week of European touring in between… more on that in a later post!) as I made my return to Berlin to race for the first time since 2012.  I love Berlin, it’sberlin1 a city that just sings to me, so much in fact I am already booked in to run the marathon again in 2018!  The last time I ran there I wasn’t in the best of shape shall we say, and I was extremely excited about being able to run it in the shape I was in.  I was worried kipchogeabout it going into it, though I felt good, I knew I had put my body through a lot in the weeks prior.  I’ll be honest, the first half was awesome…I went through the halfway mark in just over 1.51, my fastest ever over the distance, but at around 15 miles my legs went, and I mean they went.  With five miles to go I couldn’t see the finish, and I was distraught that after such a good race the week before I wouldn’t even go Sub 5 hour this time round.  So you know what I did?  I found something… I dug deep, and I found pace.  I pushed hard and crossed the line in 4.54.23!  I’ve no idea how but I did it.  Oktoberfest madness then followed with James, who had travelled to see the World Record attempt in the race (not by me you understand…!!) before we hit the after race party where I managed to grab a drunkenly blurry photo with race winner Eliud Kipchoge!

If I had felt a bit disappointed at all at the Berlin result, which I didn’t really, having had time to reflect, that was smashed out the park seven days later with my final race in the series.  So here’s the thing… I know Glasgow, and I know the Great Scot!  It’s my tenth time in a row running my home city race and I knew I could go fast on the course in my current shape.  I also knew, at the end of this series, my legs would be tired and I didn’gs2t know how that would translate to speed on the course.  I decided to go out hard, and keep a steady pace through through to Pollok Park, and just do what I could on the two hilly bits in the opening two miles.  Seriously.. who starts a race on St Vincent Street?  Anyways, you know what.. I went, and I kept on going.  Around Mile 10 I felt I was struggling, the legs were going a bit, and I was stunned to find myself still doing solid 8 minute miles.  The result, a solid finish thommoand ANOTHER half marathon PB of 1.46.06!  Keeping the theme going… I grabbed a post race medal photo with winner Chris Thompson, a long term supporter of my fundraising.. I could not be more delighted that Thommo won, even if it was at the expense of Calum Hawkins!

The result of all this?  Wow, don’t really know how to put it into words.  Four races in three weeks, three PBs, two sub 5 hour marathons, and some amazing times had.

Onwards and upwards to the challenges of 2018 and beyond…

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David Torrence


I, like most athletics fans, was absolutely gutted to hear of David Torrence’s passing earlier this week.   The photo above was taken less than two weeks ago, at the Birmingham Diamond League after he ran in the Emsley Carr Mile.  David is one of THE nicest people I have met on the circuit, always up for a laugh and speaking to fans.  Always game for helping out, as the above photo shows.  I’m a bit speechless about his passing, I don’t overly know how to process this cheery, smiley, happy lad being gone.  31 years old.  Younger than me.

“The best thing to do is watch the races and find out who I am. I think races really show a glimpse into a personality and you really see a person’s emotions along with their physical ability in the middle of the race. If you want to know more about me, keep watching; that’s who I am.”

Thanks for being you David.




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london1Right, it’s four months until Xmas and there is BIG news for Robin’s fundraising.  It’s also two weeks until #The4RaceChallenge kicks off, so this seems as good a time to update everything in style.

So first thing’s first …. THE 2017 CELEBRITY XMAS CARD AUCTION IS UNDERWAY!! The first bid on an Xmas Card is in already (Jemma Redgrave’s for the record!) and there are loads more coming.  CHECK THEM OUT HERE RIGHT NOW along with all the other ace items I have up for auction.  I’ll be adding more Xmas Cards tomorrow and all week!

I also figured that with the first Xmas Cards going online, it would be a good time to update the totaliser with what I have raised in the last couple of months.  I am delighted to say I have added another…


into the fundraising pot over this period, with the breakdown being as follows…

  • Children with Cancer UK – £1530.74
  • MacMillan Cancer Support – £1215.09
  • Maggie’s Centres –  £24.99

I’m pretty chuffed, as I am sure you can imagine, and all this takes my overall fundraising total over the years to the cusp of a major milestone…


WOW!  I never thought this would have been possible when I started doing what I do, and I would like to thank everyone who has bought items, sponsored me, helped me, signed for me, put up with my madness, encouraged me on training runs, anything, everything and all of the above.  You’re wonderful people and I cannot do this without you.

I will be notifying the charities formally by email on Monday with these updates, the MacMillan amount exceeds the amount pledged for the Berlin Marathon which is pretty awesome to know that’s done, though I will probably add a bit more into the pot in the coming months.  The coming months have a lot of exciting events coming up, #The4RaceChallenge kicking off in two weeks in Newcastle and loads of auctions and other fundraising fun.

You can of course find over 300 signed items up for grabs right now by clicking here, and can help me to raise even more for these truly amazing causes.

Thank you again




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As it says on the tin, BIG news coming in the world of Robin’s fundraising tonight!

Stay tuned…

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Birmingham Diamond League!

Well, jonniemy annual pilgrimage to BrummyLand happened at the weekend to take in the Diamond League meet which also marked Mo Farah’s final track race on British soil.  He won, naturally.

For me, a weekend of catching up with good mates, and seeing some awesome athletics (what a run Jake Wightman!) was capped off by getting some pretty awesome items signed by the athletes over the weekend.  High on my list of favourite proof pics was this effort from Jonnie Peacock, multi Paralympic, World and Everything else Gold Winner and now Strictly Come Dancing star!  Thanks to Jonnie for signing for the Xmas Card Auction which will be kicking off before the end of this month all being well 🙂

Other amazing items including bib donations from some of the superstars of the weekend…wightman Jake Wightman has helped me out with items for a couple of years now and it was amazing to see him win the Emsley Carr Mile, just holding off fellow Scot Chris O’Hare with a tremendous run.

I was working on a few multi signed items over the course of the weekend including this official Team USA tshirt which was previously donated by Mary Saxer and somehow found it’s way to the bottom of a box in a house move.  I decided with the number of top American’s in Birmingham, the time was ripe to get it signed up.  A few more were added to it following this photo including ariesmulti Olympic gold winner Allyson Felix, but I thought who better to pose for a proof pic than the legendary Aries Merritt…  It’s a pretty cool item, with some amazing medal winners on it and I’m looking forward to auctioning this one.

The event also had some non Diamond League races, including the unique Walk v Run bosworthcompetition between Tom Bosworth and Adam Clarke. Both of the guys were kind enough to donate their bibs after the race.  I’ve got to give a lot of credit to Tom, after the way his World Champs ended last week he was awesome with us.  It’s the first time I’ve met Tom and I could not have been more impressed with how he was with us fans, especially on the back of his London disappointment.  More sports people should be like these guys, footballers could learn a lot.

Added to that, seeing the amazing scenes as Barshim leaping 2.40 in the high jump, and the reaction of all the other competitors, another storming win for Sandra Perkovic, and that awesome run from Jake… a fabulous meeting!

All in all an amazing weekend.  Thanks to the athletes for the entertainment and kindness in supporting what I do, Mr Rhodes for his company and the ticket, and the other guys for the banter.  Already looking forward to next year…

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Thank You :)

Just a quick post to say thanks to the awesome people who have dropped some money into my Just Giving pages in the last day or two.  The CWCUK page now sits at £120 which is a great wee addition to the fundraising for the #The4RaceChallenge.  I don’t like asking for sponsorship more than once a year, and that time has been for 2017, so sponsorship surprises are very much appreciated.

Thanks Guys 🙂

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I have spoken in the past about the #GeordieMassive and how they have helped my fundspurs1raising through the years and today they have stepped up to the mark in style.

Spurs opened their league campaign with a 2-0 win a Newcastle today and Andrea of the aforementioned awesome Geordie group produced this amazing Xmas Card for this year’s auctions from the team.  As a Spurs fan myself, I’ll have to fight not bidding on this one as it’s got our biggest players on it… Kane, Alli, Lloris, Dier, Eriksen…  I’m speechless.

The 2017 Celebrity Xmas Card Auction will launch later this month… keep your eyes peeled for some ace auctions.  In the meantime, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE AUCTIONS I CURRENTLY HAVE UP FOR GRABS.

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