I am delighted to say I have just tallied up all the fundraising for the last four months of 2016, including a HUGELY successful Celebrity Xmas Card Auction.  When everything is pulled together and all is said and done, I am more than chuffed to say…

I have added another £6743.08 into the total, which kick starts my fundraising for the 2017 London Marathon in style.  All of this money is flying to Children with Cancer UK through the eBay for Charity programme and Just Giving.

Wow, I am bit stunned if I am honest, I didn’t realise it had gone THAT well.  Other totals (which you can check out on my TOTALISER page) which are important at this stage are…

Total Raised for Children with Cancer UK since I started fundraising – £31780.23

Overall total of ALL my fundraising since I began with Trek Peru in 2006 – £69179.23

As you would expect, I am not stopping there, indeed there have already been more sales in the last week, as part of that London Marathon fundraising which will be totalled up nearer the time, and the #NOBOOZECHOCOLATECAKEORCRISPSATHON which is raising loads for Maggie’s Centres.  Let’s get this total even higher folks 🙂

I would like to thank every person who has supported me in getting to this total. Sponsors of my many crazy events, people who have donated items, those who donate time to help.  The amazing #GeordieMassive for their tireless efforts in sourcing amazing signed Xmas Cards for auction.  My awesome Sarah for putting up with my fundraising and for being gorgeous.  James Rhodes for his company while chasing down athletes and sprinting around London. You’re all beyond any thanks I can put into words and there are too many of you to name individually.



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