Fernando, a Scotsman on Burns Night and The House of Lords!

grant1Wow, that was an amazing couple of days. Following on from the awesome start to the #TeamScotlandChallenge on Saturday came an emotional but amazing day at the Fernando Ricksen tribute match and then a stunning visit to London for the CWCUK Superhero Summit!

Among the ace items collected on Sunday was this brilliant Team Scotland polo from Grant Plenderleith, issue to the athletes at Glasgow 2014.  It’s now the second item I am getting multi signed for auction.  Thanks Grant!

As I said, Sunday was emotional, to see Ricksen in such anricksen1 unwell state, but so happy at the reception he received was a special moment, but very sad.  I was thrilled to meet him before the game and get a quick photo. Thanks to Fernando, for being awesome.  Though I am a Jag now, I grew up watching Rangers, and Fernando was one I saw fighting every fight, every ball, every touch.  He didn’t shirk any battles, and he’s fighting now. It was the first day of two in a row I had tears in my eyes, watching the crowd rise as he was hoisted aloft by his teammates.  Keeping Fighting Fernando, the football world and more has your back!

I clocked some awesome signed items including this multi signed Rangers tshirt from most of the players on both squads shirt1on the day… Rangers Legends and Fernando’s All Stars, which looks pretty darned awesome as you can see from the pics. Here’s Rangers legend Stefan Klos posing with the shirt after he signed it whiledenny1 former Dutch international Denny Landzaat was kind enough to pose with the shirt as well.  klos1

Over the course of the day I also managed to get a teamsheet from the game signed, which looks pretty good as well.  The Ricksen game eck1items are up for grabs now, please don’t hesitate to make an offer and get things kicked off. A decent offer will secure an item immediately, with the funds going into my pot for the 2015 London Marathon in support of Children with Cancer UK.  Here’s former Rangers and Scotland manager Alex McLeish posing with the teamsheet after adding his signature.

Speaking of Children with Cancer UK, on Monday I headed south to London for the day, to attend a SuperHero Summit at a rather special location… The House of Lords!  In the glamorous surroundings of the Cholmondeley Room andlords1 Terrace overlooking the Thames, I was among the London Marathon runners to listen to some rather inspiring words from Louise, who has been through the trauma of her daughter Katie being diagnosed with cancer, Lady Thornton who very kindly hosted the event, and from Ben of CWCUK.  It’s no shame to say listening to Louise brought tears to the eyes of a lot of people in the room, but it brings home exactly why this charity is supported by myself and so many others.  Here’s a snap of me on the Terrace, overlooking the parliamentThames with the stunning London Eye lit up behind.  Oh, and some wine.  It was an honour to be a part of such an amazing event, my thanks to the CWCUK team, the Lady Thornton and to all those who attended… it was great meeting some like minded individuals who will be doing the same as me in just three months… sweating it out around 26.2 miles of London!

mcavoy1Following the end of the event and a quick pint with a couple of the other runners, I wandered through the West End to see who was about in TheatreLand.  Timing worked out well and I managed to get a CWCUK vest signed by none other than James McAvoy… pretty cool for Burns Night!  There’s me an Mr Tumnus, Professor X, and the star of Wanted and Atonement.  And a fellow Glaswegian. I’m pretty chuffed to have met him.  I also got quick photos with Ron Cook, Kathryn Drysdale and the ace Serena Evans of The Thin Blue Line fame.

All in all, a pretty awesome weekend in every way.  Well, aside from the consecutive nights on the Megabus.  Worth it though 🙂  Now, back to the #TeamScotlandChallenge planning…


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