Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (Part 2)

Through the Commonwealths, I managed to meet loads of competitors, which was absolutely awesome!  For those I couldn’t meet for various DSCN5177reasons,  I was thrilled with those who were kind enough to send me some items through the post.  I’ll  need to do a part 3 to list them all, but included are these amazing pieces. Pictured left is an awesome GB swimcap arranged by Amy Smith.   It’s difficult to picture because of the material, but it’s signed by 10 including Fran Halsall, Liam Tancock, Joe Roebuck and Welsh star Georgia Davies who took home a gold and silver from Glasgow.  Amusingly, AmyDSCN5176 forgot to sign it herself 😀  Keeping with the swimming theme, however, and this awesome official TeamEngland tshirt was donated by Max Litchfield, and this one does have Amy’s signature on it 🙂  It’s also signed by Roebuck and Tancock as well as multi medal winners Ben Proud and Adam Peaty, Lewis Coleman , Andy Willis, Ellie Faulkner, Rebecca Turner, Molly Renshaw and loads more!


I mentioned yesterday that Olympic Gold and Commonwealth Silver Medal winner Chris Brown had donated some kit.  Here’s possibly the most awesome bit of it, his race suit with number still attached to it from the Games.  It’s not signed, but I am pretty sure it doesn’t need it.  It’s just awesome!


Alison Waters took home a silver medal from Glasgow, and just before the games started she was kind enough to send me a wee package that included this TeamEngland vest, signed in black marker with her world squash DSCN5165ranking added beneath it.

Also donating official Team England gear was 10000m runner Sonia Samuels, who sent up an envelope which included this awesome Kukri made shirt in the iconic design worn by England during the Games, signed in black marker with her distance added under.

Right, we’ve gone too long without a mention of #TeamScotland!  800m runner Emily Dudgeon had spoken to me before the gamesDSCN5175 and promised to send something once they were over.  I was absolutely thrilled when this Scotland tshirt popped through my letterbox, signed by Emily, to date the only bit of official DSCN5170Scottish kit I have in the auction!

Moving around the UK to the Welsh squad, their national table tennis champion Charlotte Carey was awesome enough to send one of the playing shirts she was issued for Glasgow, signed on the reverse under her name.


One “in person signature” I forgot to add yesterday is the main coe1man himself,  double Olympic Gold & Silver medal winner Lord Sebastian Coe!  Lord Coe was, just as when I met him previously, brilliant and was happy to stop for me.  He posed for this pic at his hotel, and then signed a CWCUK vest with his awesome full signature straight across the middle.

DSCN5161 DSCN5162Scottish cyclist Lucy Coldwell was kind enough to donate a couple of her tops to me, both signed on the reverse.  I’ll say this… you won’t miss her when she’s out on the course…. these are BRIGHT!


Britt Goodwin, British Women’s Handball #9 donated a couple of items, including this awesome TeamGB London 2012 player issue shirt which (to quote her) may or may not have been usedDSCN5157 during the games.  It’s signed on the front, with her name and number on the reverse as well.  She also sent a British Handball shirt used just before the Games, multi signed by the majority of the London 2012 squad.

More to come…


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