pc3Wow, just wow.  If you could have seen my face when this mail was opened.  Long term supporters of my fundraising will know that Peter Capaldi has supported my charity work with some pretty awesome items in the past and this week is no exception.  Along with the promo card donations, he contributed to the Xmas Card Auction and created two stunning artworks.

Earlier this year I auctioned two artworks from Peter which raised over £500 and were black and white, this time we have colour, we have awesomeness, we have the man debuting as The Doctor this month!  pc1

First up is this awesome piece depicting Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor, drawn on white 8×5 card, with the Tardis in the background.  It has his full signature on it, and is dated 29 July 2014.  The second piece is some rather scary Dr Who Monsters… drawn on the same size of card.  The nature of the crayon/paint/pens used means the cards are slighted ridged.


These amazing pieces have just made my day, made my year.  I think I may launch a mini Dr Who Art Auction on the back of these, but if anyoe wants to make a SERIOUS bid for either or both, let me know.  All proceeds will go to Maggie’s Centres, so you can make a difference and own a piece of Dr Who History.  Email or tweet me @13challenge to talk moolah 😀


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