Knockout Successes with the XFactor!

glovesA few cool wee additions today between the boxing weigh in for the Ricky Burns fight and the Geordie Massive coming good in style in the North East.   While Ricky doesn’t sign the day before a fight, I managed mini gloves signed by six …  from tomorrow night’s card Wadiarthur1 Camacho, Dejan Zlaticanin, Willie Limond and Curtis Woodhouse, boxing legend Jim Watt and Commonwealth Gold Medal winner Alex Arthur.   Due to a non payment on one of the auctions earlier this month, I can also offer a full size glove signed by Ricky, ricksterone of the last signed with “wbo champ” signed prior to the Crawford fight.  If anyone is interested in any of the gloves, or the ones listed on this page here, then give me a shout and we can talk 🙂

cowell1Down NorthEast way, the awesome Joshman was out and about and added some stellar names to the Xmas Card pot, including Mr Music himself, Simon Cowell.  As you can see from the pic, he’s signed with a fuller signature than he does normally as well as offering his best wishes for the auction, so this is a really good addition to the listings.  Josh also secured signed cards from Mel B of Spice Girls fame and Heidi Range of the Sugababes.  Muchos thanks Josh!


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