Magic, Cup Finals, Vests and More…


It took a bit of hunting down, but my thanks to those awesome folk at Hearts who helped me get these cup final photos signed by Tynecastle legend Rudi Skacel, each of which was signed with that momentous 5-1 scoreline added.  I had some of these a few years ago, and they flew out the door and I have no doubt that when these get auctioned they will do the same.  Feel free to make an offer if you like one.  Also in recently some magical items from Rupert Grint.  You’ll recall I met Rupert when I was in London and two of his signed Xma “s Cards sold for £50 each, and I was delighted that the letter I dropped in while down south in January bore fruit.  He signed a couple more Xmas DSCN4629cards as well as some Harry Potter Top Trumps cards.  I’m not sure why he signed them on the reverse… mind you maybe he didn’t like the memories of that GoF outfit, but both are signed in black marker as well.

I’ve also been working on “Best of the Vest” as you know, my master plan for signed Children with Cancer UK running vests, and have added some awesome ones to the selection.  Celtic, Motherwell and Kilmarnock Footy Clubs have both signed squad shirts – check out ‘Well star Henri Anier with the shirt HERE and a wee bonus was catching Xfactor winner Sam Bailey and finalist Luke Bailey at their hotel last week and they were kind enough to sign as well as adding Xmas Cards.   I also snapped up loads more boxing stuff the day before, and I will be adding that shortly 🙂


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