The Year Gone By…

People often ask me questions like “How can you keep on raising so much money for charity?”  I tend to answer… with dedication, belief and help.  Sheena puts up with a LOT in terms of what I do for charity, but it’s something I believe in and that support means a lot to me, even if it does frustrate her at times.   Once you take my own personal drive out of the way, the answer really is with HELP.  Each of the celebs who signs for me, creates something, responds to my pleas with something, plays a crucial role, and one which allows my fundraising continues.

I am also lucky enough to have several friends who are willing to help me out by getting items signed, particularly for the annual Xmas Card auction.  At the top of that list are James Rhodes and Josh Huntley, both of whom have given up their own time to help the auctions, and last year’s Xmas Card auction was benefited by over £1000 entirely due to the cards they sourced for me.  Darren Turner, John Shearer, Matt Morris, Alex Crane, Adam Mather and Paul Hudson have also been invaluable in getting Xmas Cards from places I wouldn’t have the chance to get.  Back home, all those at the football grounds who help me out by either getting an extra item signed or taking proof photos for me really do help, there’s too many of you to name, so forgive me for a mass thank you.

It goes without saying that each and every person who buys from me on eBay and who sponsor me for my events gets HUGE thanks, that forms the backbone of my fundraising.  You’re all amazing.

I’m ever grateful to those who take the time to help me raise even more.  In the first weeks of 2014 I crossed the £40k marker in terms of money I have raised for charity since I started fundraising.  It was an amazing feeling knowing my fundraising has raised so much, but very humbling to know how it makes a difference.  At the start, I simply chose a charity I believed in and supported them, now I have seen first hand what the money can do, and it’s just mindblowing.

To each and every one of you…



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