Wow & Wow Again! Just Wow!!

Well the 2013 Celebrity Xmas Card auction has started with a bang


, with nearly £2000 or thereabouts in the pot already from the Xmas cards and some of the other goodies I have had up for auction in the last fortnight.  High fliers of late include the Tom Hiddleston signed card which raised a shade over £200 and tonight’s all time record breaking Xmas card sale… an epic £295 for Henry Cavill’s contribution.  Just amazing.  Loads of amazing  items including those collected by the Geordie Massive are flying… including Mrs Brown’s Boys (£60) and £35 for Dani Filth’s first card.  Other goodies heading out include items from Olympians Susan Egelstaff, Keri-Anne Payne and David Carry and this weekend brings with it the addition of The Greatest Dr Who Auction in the Galaxy.  


Life is busy with working, but with today and tomorrow off I have caught up with the sold items and tomorrow I will be getting more awesome xmas cards online.  In the meantime, I also managed to add some great new cards to the pot, including one of my all time footballing heroes Jurgen Klinsmann (above) as well as achieving something of a holy grail in getting Kenny Dalglish to both sign a card and pose for that photo.  A busy week, but an amazing one.  Can’t wait to get the Dr Who auction online along with more Xmas cards, and make a MASSIVE donation to my charities at the end of the year 😀


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