Bella 10k and Even MORE Auctions!



So what did YOU do today?  I took on the Jimmy Irvine Achilles Heel

bellaBella 10k for the third year on the spin and loved it despite the rain and cold.  No finishers photo as my camera phone wasn’t playing ball today at all, so here’s a generic shot of a sign.  It sums it up.  I timed at 63.01 over the distance, reasonably happy with that, especially as with a couple of km to go I expected to finish in the 65’s.

And what’s that you’re saying? 549 awesome items up for auction right now including a shedload of Xmas Cards with some other cool items mixed in?  You’re right.  Click here if you didn’t click the link at the top of the page.  The auctions already have a running total of over £500 including an amazing £76 for the Susan Boyle card, and £82 for the Tom Hiddleston contribution.  I’ve put some more cool ones on tonight, and have plenty more to come. Good times.


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