Detonate the REALITY BOMB!!

It’s now just TWO days until the 2013 Celebrity Xmas Card Auction kicks off, but with a month until The Greatest Doctor Who Auction in the Galaxy comes into play,  I got a couple of awesome responses this morning from cast member.

First up.. the awesome Julian Bleach better known as Davros in the


modern series, who signed some awesome items for the auction. Included were several signed trading cards, that brilliant signed script page you can see and an awesome doodle of a Dalek as well.

Also getting in on the script action, is star of “Blink”, Finlay Robertson, who very kindly donated some pages from the


read through draft of the iconic episode.  Finlay has been a HUGE supporter of my auctions during the last couple of years, and I am completely thrilled with this donation.

The scenes donated form the closing scenes of Blink, from the moment Larry and Sally arrive at Wester Drumlins, the chase of the Weeping Angels through the house, and their escape.  It then closes with the final scenes of Sally finally meeting the Doctor and solving the riddle of the episode. It’s awesome!!!

With other auctions online just now CLICK HERE!!!! to find out more, there are some amazing items in there including this signed score for the theme of “Wicked”DSCN2627 and this awesome signed Scotland Sevens Rugby poster!

Please do check them out (if you didn’t click the link above, you’re now so enthralled that you’ll click THIS ONE )  Thanks for popping by the site, and remember to


keep checking back for the Xmas Card auction kicking off in less than forty eight hours!


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