Seven Days Of Xmas!

The end of the month is near, and with that comes the start of the


2013 Celebrity Christmas Card auction! In just seven days time, a wide range of celebrity signed Xmas card will go up for auction, and continue to do so for the run up to Xmas!  Arriving this morning was this wee bundle from Mathew Horne of Gavin & Stacey fame, who was kind enough to contribute several items as you can see in the image.  Also arriving todayDSCN2493 was this awesome doodle from Karl Pilkington who has drawn an awesome Dalek for the Dr Who themed auction taking place in four weeks time.

Horse racing legend Willie Carson was also kind enough to sign for the Xmas Card auction as well as doing a themed doodle for auction.

DSCN2492I have been building up to the Xmas Card auction all year and cannot wait to get it underway after the success of last year’s auction.  2013 is bigger and better and it is going to be awesome.  In the meantime my plans to head out to get some items signed tomorrow seems to be getting washed out according to the advance forecasts, so it looks like I will be getting some more items online.  I’ve got a four figure sum ready to go to Children with Cancer UK in


 the coming week or so, but with more and more items coming in thanks to this rather huge pile of letters I sent out last week, I am going to give it one last week of mega auctions and then donate as the Xmas Auctions kick off.  I do like making donations in the thousands 🙂


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