Lions and Swearing in the Wet Wet Wet!

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A busy hour or two as I took a wee break from finishing up my coursework to destress a bit last night and I managed to get several awesome items to add into the pot.  First up is the rarest of the living Lisbon Lions, the Celtic team who lifted the European Cup in 1967.  Willie Wallace lives abroad DSCN1342now, so it’s not often you see him back in Scotland and I was delighted to get some items signed by him.  Willie was kind enough to sign a couple of photos I am working on, some Christmas Cards, Celtic history books and his own book which he was there to sign.  An absolute gent in every way, he also posed for this ace photo with the signed book.

DSCN1345To make it extra special, beneath his signature in the book is the date of release, which was the anniversary of the win in Lisbon.

From there, I wandered over to the Kings to catch Marti Pellow arriving for Evita, and managed to time it to perfection.  Marti was awesome enough to sign several items including an xmas card, some cd covers and pose for a photo.  Delighted with this, as a long term Wets fan.

DSCN1346Final stop of the day was a prebooked event I was attending, to see authors Mark Billingham and Chris Brookmyre speak about their work, ridicule life and generally swear a lot.   It was a tremendously enjoyable evening, with a lot of swearing, brilliant stories, and some disturbing stalkers.  I’ve got to give a lot of credit to Chris and Mark for putting on a great show, they complement each other perfectly and it was one of the best author events I have ever been to.  Anyways, they were both kind enough to sign christmas cards for auction, both double signed, making this a crime fan dream of an Xmas Card, while both also signed one of the promo boards for the event, a totally unique item. DSCN1350

There’s Chris and Mark posing with the signed promo board after the event, and here’s me with them both as well.


All in all a pretty good day, and a welcome break from staring at facts and figures.


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