Conrad Balatoni Ramsden’s Cup Final Shirt Auction


DSCN0703Current High Bid £200

Partick Thistle fans who have checked out my blog in recent days will know that I currently have a rather brilliant item up for auction at the moment.  It’s not on eBay but instead I am inviting bids either by email ( or via Twitter (@13challenge) to see how high it can go.

Here it is to the right, in the hands of the main man Conrad Balatoni, and it’s his very own Ramsden’s Cup Final shirt from the recent match with Queen of the South, signed by the squad which has now won the Scottish First Division.  The shirt has the match details stitched at the top, Ramsden’s sleeve patches and no6 on the reverse.  It’s a truly awesome item, and as you can see the bidding currently sits at £200!  Who’s going to top that for this one off item?!

Also included in the auctions right now are loads of other items, with and without a Thistle link.  Those which lean towards the Firhill side of town include a signed glove from Scott Fox and DSCN0741this brilliant tshirt celebrating the league win signed by loads of the squad, and a special champions addition at the top.

You can check out everything else @ THIS SHINY LINK HERE

…and don’t forget you can bid on Conrad’s shirt by getting in touch.


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2 Responses to Conrad Balatoni Ramsden’s Cup Final Shirt Auction

  1. Piperglover says:

    Hi there. Have you sold the white kiddos experience. Archie’s army. Signed T-shirt yet. Couldn’t see it in your page.

    • twelveby12 says:

      Hey, if you click on the auction links, there should be one on the Conrad post at the top, or in the right hand menu, you’ll find it in there. It doesn’t finish until Sunday. I’ll email this to you as well to make sure you get it 😀

      thanks for your support

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