Music & Lyrics

Thanks to the awesome David Ari Leon who sent two items for the unique Music and Lyrics auction!  David, among other pieces, has been involved in quite a few of the Marvel franchise TV series, including the 2010 incarnation of The Avengers “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”DSCN0237 and he’s been kind enough to handwrite the music and lyrics to the main theme for me to auction.  That’s the item pictured to the left, and David has also kindly sent a printed copy of sheet music from his piece “Les Monstres” which is part of the Contre Jour Soundtrack.  This has also been signed.  I’m thrilled with this donation, you don’t get much bigger than The Avengers! 😀


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2 Responses to Music & Lyrics

  1. H.jh says:

    I want to get your sheet(les monstres)
    Pls Email it 🙂

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