New Unique Auction for 2013 & Plans

As you’ll all know by now, I’m always on the lookout for new items for auction and new themes to follow in sourcing those items.  I’ve been working on a few ideas in the background lately, and while some will never die… The 2013 Christmas Card auction will be bigger than ever, while the Dr Who Art Auction will return late in the year with The Greatest Dr Who Auction in the Galaxy in perfect timing with the 50th Anniversary of our favourite timelord, there will be more in 2013!

One of these is Music & Lyrics 2013 – a collection of music inspired auction pieces, ranging from handwritten lyrics to music, and other awesome related items – will go under the virtual hammer in the summer, most likely at the end of June.  You can find out more about my plans for this auction, and the first to donate HERE

In the meantime, I had posted before Xmas about my plans for restructuring my fundraising this year, and I have now decided the base methods for the year.  I am going to make four donations over the course of 2013, on the quarter year mark, so the next one up will be the last working day in March, and so on.  My plan is for my donations to have maximum impact for the charities I have chosen, so each of the first three quarters will be dedicated to one of my charities.  First up is Maggie’s Centres, Second will be Children with Cancer UK, and the 3rd quarter goes to Great Ormond Street Hospital and the fourth is currently up in the air… I’ll divide it up between my charities once the awesome Xmas Card auction is complete.

I think this will help me make an awesome amount of difference to the charities I support, and I cannot wait to get stuck in.   Music & Lyrics, Dr Who Art, Olympic Auctions, The Celebrity Xmas Card Auction and everything in between.  It’s going to be a big year!


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