TheLucky13Challenge is LAUNCHED!

Following the completion of Twelveby12 (see post below for final donations!), I have decided to kick start the new fundraising venture, and the smart among you will have noticed that (even if you used the Twelveby12 web address) you’re now at a new website.  TheLucky13Challenge will provide a challenge across the board, not least ensuring that the number 13 is NOT unlucky in this case.  There will be races galore, auctions aplenty, and fundraising agogo!  I’m going to structure it a bit more this time, with auctions taking place approx every 2/3 weeks in blocks, and the idea being that donations will be made on the 13th of each month (unless it’s a weekend) to carry the theme of 13 through the year.  I’m not setting a target amount, as I think it will be fun to see where it goes by this time next year.  The charities don’t change, the support and dedication remains the same. Always.

The site has obviously now been renamed (though the forwarding service from the old URL is now in place), my twitter feed can now be found at @13challenge or and the eBay username will be updated after the final round of auctions this week.

Speaking of the final round of auctions, you can find them online HERE with over 100 Xmas Cards currently online in the second round of auctions, and loads more being added over the course of today.  These are the last auctions of the year, with the posting deadline falling on Thursday 20th December in the UK, I think it is a sensible time to call it a day for 2012.  With the Twelveby12 challenge completed, all items sold this week will be adding to the early pot for TheLucky13Challenge, nothing like getting a head start.

Check out the auctions while you can… 😀


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