WOW!  What a weekend with those Christmas Cards, I can’t tell you how stunned I am at how well the auctions went.  There is still money coming in through payments, but I am DELIGHTED to confirm that I have today achieved the primary goal of Twelveby12, raising £12000 for charity by the end of 2012!  And with a few weeks to spare as well.  With the number of Xmas Cards I still have, I will be holding another Xmas Card auction this week (not quite as big, but with some pretty cool items included) as my last round of auctions of 2012, and those will (along with the money still coming in) be used to kickstart my challenge for 2013.  More of that to follow this week…

In the meantime, I am delighted to have made the following donations…

Children With Cancer UK – £2000 – covering my place in the 2013 London Marathon

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity – £130 (inc recent donation on my Just Giving Page, and an amount chosen as it (by my own count) means I have donated £10000 to them as part of my fundraising in recent years.

Maggie’s Centres – £284 – continuing my support of this awesome cause

Alzheimer Scotland – £250 – a charity I donate to every Xmas for personal reasons.

All in all, the donations made today total equal an awesome £2664 and put me bang on that magical £12000 figure!  I honestly cannot tell you how happy I am to have reached this target, something I could not have done without the help of everyone out there who reads my blog, and bids on items, and those who donate the items for auction.  It’s mind blowing.

I’ll be posting again tonight/tomorrow to map out the plans for the coming year, so keep coming back, you won’t want to miss a thing!



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