New Dr Who Countdown Item – Just 13 Days Until Auction!

Thanks to the awesome Stuart Fell for donating this artwork print for auction.  He was kind enough to donate last time round and I am chuffed to bits that he has done so again.  In fact, this is the first response to the letters I sent out last Friday!

The artwork, created by a fan features a central image of Stuart, surrounded by his Dr Who characters… a Sontaran, Sea Devil, Cyberman and Alpha Centuri.  An awesome piece, Stuart was also kind enough to sign some trading cards for auction, so you can expect to see them come up for auction shortly!

The Dr Who Ultimate Art Auction Round 2 is just 13 days away, so be sure to keep checking back for more awesome items!  There will be one more round of awesome items prior to the Dr Who and Xmas Card auctions, well worth you checking them out!


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