Introducing the 2012 Charity Xmas Card Auction

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I am absolutely delighted to announce the 2012 Charity Xmas Card Auction, with the launch poster once again by the awesome Kris McLachlan, who has provided the artworks for the recent Dr Who Art Auctions.

Her awesome artwork features yours truly as Santa, with the awesome Xmas tree in the background having some rather awesome touches in the form of decorations… I’m a particular fan of the TARDIS and the film reel tinsel 😀  As always Kris has excelled in her task, and does it with cheer and pleasure, I can’t thank her enough.  You’ll be seeing a lot of this poster in the coming weeks.

The Auction is scheduled for the week of 1st December 2012, starting on the Saturday I will be listing loads of celebrity signed Xmas Cards over the course of the week… I have more than ever before, and I cannot wait to get them online.  With just five weeks to go, here’s the first of the awesome Xmas Cards from Dr Who Dalek operator Nicholas Pegg.  It’s signed in black, with “Dalek” writing Have a Supreme Christmas or you will be Exterminated!!!”  He’s also added a wee Dalek Doodle next to his signature, making this a truly awesome item for auction.

As you can see from the poster… there’s LOADS of awesome names on the list, and loads more on top of those!  I’ll be revealing some as the next five weeks pass, to countdown to the biggest charity xmas card auction I have ever held!  You’ll find everyone from Olympic Gold Medallists to singers, actors and footballers.  And everything in between!

Current Online Auctions – CLICK HERE to find out more


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2 Responses to Introducing the 2012 Charity Xmas Card Auction

  1. helygen says:

    I can see that Tony Roper, Robert Carlyle, and Alan Cumming are listed on your poster – are any other Scottish actors involved?
    I’d like to post about this on my blog ( next weekend, if that’s okay with you? The blog feeds to a Twitter account and Facebook page, with a combined readership of over 3000.
    Thanks, and good luck 🙂

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