Berlin Baby!!

WOW! What a Marathon!  I’m more than delighted with my time in Berlin, both marathon wise and weekend wise 😀

First thing first, a Marathon Personal Best with a time of 6.19.25 my official time, knocking over half an hour off my previous PB set in New York in 2008.  Wow!  With the searing heat of last year absent, I thoroughly enjoyed every step of the event, and aside from the fact I tripped the day before the event and hurt my knee (still feeling the pain from that one and not overly able to move my knee too much) I had an awesome time.  There’s the celebratory medal bite photo from the end of the race, with the awesome Brandenburg Gate dominating the background.

 The closing stretch up to the gate was spectacular, with the crowd roaring every participant on, and I can honestly say it was the best finish in terms of the support that I have ever experienced… and I didn’t think ANYTHING could beat NYC for crowd madness!  Round the course, I consistently passed points where I remembered struggling last year and was delighted that at no point did I either pass out (haha) or indeed hit a wall.  Following the race, it was brilliant to get the chance to meet up with some of the other CWC Runners (and my apparent personal charity representative stalkers Emily and Claire!) for some drinks and snacks.  The decision has already been made to return to Berlin next year for Marathon no3 and I am already looking forward to it more than you can know!    I’ll tell you what, that’s one heck of a lovely medal!

I donated £1000 to Children with Cancer UK the other week as part of my commitment to them in running this race, and thanks to some awesome auction results when I was away in Germany, I think I will be doubling that amount next week and taking me beyond the £9k mark overall in Twelveby12 and then onto the sprint finish to raise that final couple of thousand pounds!

I’ll sign off by thanking the CWC team for their hospitality following the event (see Emily, I didn’t single one person out there haha!) – it was awesome to meet up with everyone after such an amazing day!  Onwards and upwards for 2013!!


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