I know you’re going to accuse me of making up another word, but you know what… I don’t care!  This is going to be a loooooooooong post, but what a weekend that was.  Let’s start as we mean to go on, with the most important snaps of the day and the actual race.  There’s the end of race medal shot, me proudly posing with the colours of two of the charities I was supporting through the day.

The race itself was a good one, I came in in 2.40.04, so a shade over my PB from two weeks ago, but I think with the congestion on the course and the hilly route (a LOT of hills) that’s pretty good going.  It was by far the busiest race I have ever done… not even in NYC were there so many people throughout the course.  I’ve decided already I want to run again next year, so cannot wait to try and set a course PB over the route.  I’d like to say now how much the support from the charities on the route and at the end was appreciated, nothing like some juice, sweets and a sandwich to pick you up at the finish line!  The warm welcome from all was amazing, as was the size of the welcome!  Cheers guys!

Now onto the rest of the weekend and an awesome series of results of signed items for auction.  Prior to the weekend I had been lucky enough to get in touch with two of the American team – Christian Taylor (2012 Olympic Triple Jump Gold Medallist) and Will Claye (Double 2012 Olympic Medal Winner – Long Jump Bronze and Triple Jump Silver) – who were both kind enough to agree to donate kit for the auctions following the event.

There’s Christian posing for what is one of THE BEST photos I have ever been lucky enough to get… In my hands are one of his running shoes from the Long Jump at The Great City games and his London 2012 Gold Medal!  Christian is holding the trophy from the City Games, which was won by the USA.

Will Claye was true to his word and donated his full kit from the Long Jump, an awesome USA branded outfit which he signed.  There was a brief comedy moment when he wrote his Triple Jump PB on it and messed it up, which makes this item even more unique.  Needless to say he corrected it quickly 😀

There’s Will with his kit signed right after the race (you can see the track in the background) and here’s a short video of Will signing the kit as well.

I really cannot thank Will and Christian enough, for the donations and for being so awesome over the weekend.

(thanks to James Rhodes for filming this for me)

Following on from the signed “Wenlock” from Sir Chris Hoy on Friday, I added another awesome item to the auction stock yesterday courtesy of TeamGB Gold Medal Winner Greg Rutherford.  Greg signed a few items for auction, including the Wenlock toy which he was more than happy to pose holding to promote the auction!

I also collected a nice set of the running numbers from competitors yesterday, though they’re not strictly numbers as all of them have their names printed rather than a number.

Included in those who were kind enough to donate and sign them were GB runner Hannah England and USA duo Jenny Simpson (world record Steeplechase) and 1500m runner Shannon Rowbury.

And through all this, the Xmas Card auctions were not forgotten and I got LOADS signed, with the help of the awesome Geordie Massive – you all know who you are, but a HUGE thanks to the Xmas Card signing machines that are Josh Huntley and John Shearer.

Included in those to sign Xmas Cards were Coronation Street and Taggart star John Michie, pictured with me here after the race and former Xfactor Winner Joe McElderry.

Last but not least, I took the TeamGB tshirts I started on Friday down with me and came away with some rather awesome additions.  Despite trying for a photo with and other items, the tshirts were the only items I managed to get Mo Farah to sign, thanks to his over zealous security requests, but it’s a great addition to the item 😀  That’s his third down on the right side of the pic.  Also added were the likes of Greg Rutherford, Marlon Devonish, Holly Bleasdale, Chris Tomlinson and Paralympic Legend Tanni Grey Thompson!

All in all a pretty awesome weekend for collecting, for meeting athletes and for the race itself.  Bring on 2013!!


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