…and time is running out…


The cracks in the fabric of the universe are closing, and soon The Ultimate Doctor Who Art Auction 2012 will be no more.  A few stragglers will last through until Monday, but for the most part, the chance to grab one of these awesome items of Dr Who History.

Included in the amazing items for grabs and ending today is this awesome original shooting script from Series 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.  The script, donated, signed and doodled on by Calvin Dean is from The Gift (Part 1) identified as “Episode 11” on the front of the script.  It’s an amazing piece of SJA/DW fandom and history, and is not to be missed out on!

There’s also amazing items from Anjli Mohindra, James Moran, Suranne Jones, Dan Starkey and a lovely piece from the late Caroline John.  Oh and that wee item from Russell Tovey which seems pretty popular 😀

With hours remaining on some items, make sure you don’t miss out on snapping up some truly amazing items!  When my last round of auctions end this week, it will be time for another awesome donation to my charities, and hopefully take me within touching distance of that £12000 target 🙂

Clicking anywhere on this final paragraph will allow you to travel, as if transported by Vortex Manipulator, to the listings.  There may be a slight jump in your tummy when you see how awesome these items are 🙂


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