The Ultimate Dr Who Art Auction Is TOMORROW!

Well there we go, just one day until The Ultimate Doctor Who Art Auction and tomorrow will see over 100 awesome artworks go under the hammer over the course of the following three days.

Today’s countdown item reveals the last one to go on show prior to every single item being displayed and it’ one which made me chortle away when I opened up the envelope.  Dan Watts is one of the composers of music for The Sarah Jane Adventures (often along with his brother Sam) and I know for a fact he took a lot of time thinking about what he should draw for this auction.

The result is something which I think is brilliant, a fabulous combination of two iconic ideas, and has a real touch of humour in it.  Without further ado… the final countdown item for The Ultimate Doctor Who Art Auction…

Introducing Mr Potata Kaagh!  A cunning combination of Mr Potato Head and Commander Kaagh of The Tenth Sontaran Battle Fleet.  Drawn in black marker on a5 yellow card, it is signed at the base in black pen.  Everyone knows Sontarans look like potatoes, with this confirmation, we have the real source of inspiration for the Sontarans 😀

Massive thanks to Dan for creating this for the auction!


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