Ultimate Doctor Who Art Auction Countdown – FIVE Days to Go!

Can trees draw?  How about living trees?  You’d think not, but today’s countdown proves that this is the furthest you could be from the truth.  You’ve got to go pretty far back to find the character portrayed by Yasmin Bannermen, as she appeared in the second episode of the new first season, The End of the World. 

That early episode provided Rose’s first trip in The TARDIS, and introduced the recurring character Cassandra.  Jabe was the first character of the new series to sacrifice herself for The Doctor, and was referenced as recently as the 2011 Xmas Special by current incarnation Matt Smith.

Yasmin has created an artwork, themed specifically to her role, having drawn the head of Jabe, representative of The Forest of Cheem.  Drawn in gold on white 8×5 card, she has also added her full character details in the same stunning gold pen.  As I have said before, it’s always awesome to get a unique item themed to one character, and this is another of these occasions.

In just FIVE days time this auction will go live, safe to say I cannot wait.  I already have tomorrow’s countdown item planned, and it’s one I am pretty excited about revealing after it arrived in the post this morning, so make sure you come back tomorrow to see it 😀


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