One again, it’s been a busy couple of days (I’ll update in a different post) and I came in so late last night and went out so early this morning that I didn’t have the chance to put the countdown items on.  Here, for your pleasure, are two awesome items from Dr Who spinoff stars.

First up is Nikki Amuka-Bird who appeared in Torchwood episode Sleeper (which was written by previous countdowner James Moran) as Keryehla Janees aka Beth Halloran.  An unwitting member of Cell 114 she was the principle guest star of the episode, providing the plotline through her role.  Created in blue pen on white 8×5 card, are a couple of aliens on a planet, shouting “We Love Dr Who!”

The second piece comes from the other spin off series of recent times “The Sarah Jane Adventures” and actress Jessica Ashworth.  I only received this item this morning in the mail but I absolutely LOVE it!

Jessica portrayed the young Sarah Jane in Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? from Series One.  The episodes marked the first appearance of The Trickster, who would continue to effect the worlds of SJA, Torchwood and Dr Who for several seasons, and saw Sarah Jane Smith replaced by a childhood friend, as The Trickster created an alternate reality only Maria could see through.

Jessica has very kindly created an artwork based on the episode, encompassing the key moment when Sarah Jane was placed at death’s door by The Trickster, hanging off the pier.  The artwork, in full colour on a4 paper, is signed in black marker with title and character details added.

Normal service resumes tomorrow with the next countdown item.

One Week To Go!


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