Dr Who Art Countdown – DOUBLE REVEAL – 9 Days To Go

Okay, in the madness that was the weekend, I somehow forgot to put yesterday’s countdown in place, so here, for your pleasure, are TWO awesome artworks donated by pivotal characters in the Matt Smith era.

We’ve had Hitler already, now it’s the Allied Forces turn to get  their go, and first up is Winston Churchill himself, aka actor Ian McNeice.  Ian made his fleeting debut at the end of The Beast Below before taking a key role in Victory of the Daleks.  He followed this up with appearances in the season ending efforts for two consecutive seasons, The Pandorica Opens and The Wedding of River Song.  A key character, this artwork is drawn on white 8×5 card and is a brilliant self portrait of himself as Churchill, with character details added to the signature.

Appearing alongside McNeice in Victory and Pandorica was Scottish actor Bill Paterson, portraying the key guest character Edwin Bracewell in both.  Created  by the Daleks, who he thought he created as “Ironsides”, Bracewell facilitated the return of the Daleks without knowing it, and proved to be an android with a human side.  The scenes of Pond trying to convince him he was human, and ensure the Oblivion Continuum could not explode were among the most emotional of the series.

Actor Bill Paterson has created his artwork on white 8×5 card, with an image clearly representing Tom Baker as The Doctor.  Drawn in colour, the hat and the scarf are clearly depicted.  Signed in black marker with character details added.



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