Popping Up with Maggie’s Centres, Mrs Brown’s Boys & a £1000 donation :)

This week I am spending some time volunteering with a charity which I am very fond of on numerous levels.  Maggie’s Centres are an awesome charity who provide support for anyone who is affected by cancer, and for the next few days there are Pop-Up Maggie’s Centres in Buchanan Galleries and then St Enoch Centre, aiming to raise awareness of the charity and to try and build support through regular giving.  We’d love if you would pop down to the centre and check out the awesome work we do, and have a cup of tea and a biscuit at the same time!

Bearing in mind the awesome belief I have in this charity, I was also delighted to make a £1000 donation to Maggie’s Centres today, and along with the £84 donated through JustGiving to GOSHCC to date, my overall total has flown past the half way mark.  The running total now sits at a stonking £6223 – Good Times 🙂

My faithful collecting helper for the Xmas Card Auctions Josh added a brilliant item to the pot this week with a Xmas Card signed by 12 of the cast of “Mrs Brown’s Boys”.  Included was Paddy Houlihan, who is seen here checking out the authenticating letter I sent Josh to explain where the Xmas Cards end up.  It’s great to see the celebs checking out what I do.  Thanks to Josh and to the cast for signing for me 🙂


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