Race 8/8 – MHFS 10k

Race 8/8 – The MHFS 10k for Men

Well there it is, EIGHT 10km races in 31 days.  I finished off today with a time that would have been a PB but for last Sunday’s time, finishing in 64.01

The legs are sore, but there’s no rest for the wicked as I am back in the game this week with two more races during the week.  The time today marks a heck of an achievement for me, not just in terms of finishing those eight races, but also in direct comparison to last year’s time.  Last year I finished the same race in 80.39, so to knock over sixteen and a half minutes off my time is just awesome.  My goal for the end of the year is to have a 10k time sub 6o min, and with my average times coming down, I’m more than confident of achieving this.

I also had the bonus of meeting a real Scottish and British Lions rugby legend, Scott Hastings.  Running in the race himself, I nabbed a quick photo with him as he was doing some pre-race PR.  A lovely guy who stopped to ask how we thought we would do in the race and have a bit of banter.

All in all, a pretty good day.


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2 Responses to Race 8/8 – MHFS 10k

  1. Tina Morrison says:

    Well done on your 8th 10K – a good time too. Scott finished in 50mins 23 seconds – not bad for his first 10K. We will see how the leg muscles are after today.

  2. twelveby12 says:

    heyhey, thanks 🙂 been a few more than that, but that was the end of this wee series for me. start again on wednesday/thursday this week with even more races. yeah, i clocked scott’s time, pretty impressive, i reckon he should be persuaded to go for another one at the great scottish run!

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