It’s a GOOD Week!

So what’s going on in Twelveby12 world right now?  Tomorrow sees Race 6/8 in the eight race series of 10km events, with the Vale of Leven 10k concluding the Polaroid Series of Runs.  Last time out over the distance I fell just short of my PB over confirmed 10k distance, so I’ll be looking to do well in this one as well.  Races 6-8 fall in the space of just seven days, with another busy week, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!

Speaking of 10ks, I am now confirmed for my first race of 2013 – the BUPA London 10000.  I love running the big one in London (well the big one over the shorter distance) and while I cannot guarantee a place in the London Marathon, I CAN guarantee the flagship 10k event, so once again, my May bank holiday will be in London town, hopefully as part of an even bigger and better fundraising event next year.

This week’s auctions have gone well, and I now have a four figure sum in the pot.  I am planning more listing today and tomorrow to push this even higher, before yoinking it all out of the Paypal account and donating it in style.  *yoink*.  This donation will take me sailing past the half way mark of Twelveby12 and with the Ultimate Doctor Who Art Auction 2012 coming in the next two months, it’s going to be a GOOD summer.  The only cloud on the horizon is the bidders who seem to think it is acceptable to bid on items, then decide not to pay in the final hours of the auction.  I once again had a bidder pull out of a football boots auction last night, right at the death and be quite rude about it as well.  If the bidder happens to read this, I’m blooming proud of what I do as a fundraiser, and your arrogance does nothing but embarrass you!

Up and Atom!


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