Race 4/8 – BUPA London 10000 & Meeting Tommy Knight!

Race 4/8 The BUPA London 10000

What a day that was in London.  After Saturday’s 10k in Edinburgh, Sheena and I flew south to London in the evening for the BUPA London 10000 on Sunay morning.  Arriving late, we didn’t get to appreciate the rather awesome hotel too much, and I was out first thing in the morning to go and have my annual catch up with my GOSH fundraising inspiration, James on the way to the race.  It goes without saying that the sun was brutal, and though I originally thought it was cooler, as race time arrived the heat blazed down and made this just as tough as the previous day.  I finished in a respectable 78.51, given the conditions and that last couple of days running.  I took the time to visit the Great Ormond Street Hospital meeting point, and had my photo taken with my medal and charity logo.  All in all a fabulous day on the race front, and following the run, I had the chance to meet up with the Peru Clan from my first ever charity trek, an unbelievable six years ago!!  It was awesome to see the guys for the first time in three years, and though not everyone made it, the group that did had an awesome day!

The day was topped off with a chance meeting on the flight home to Glasgow when none other than Tommy Knight of Sarah Jane Adventures fame took the seat next to us.  Amusingly it took me a wee while to clock it was him, but I have to say he was a delightful lad, happy to chat away, and pose for a photo at the end of the flight.  He also (without me asking) gave me an awesome autograph for my own collection. The photo is slightly blurred due to the joy of airport lightting and the camera, but it’s a belter nonetheless.  The autograph, pictured below, with a brilliant message referring to the first comment I made to him when he took the seat, is signed on one of his own artworks which he took from his pad, and I’m blown away by it.  Most of you will know the Dr Who genre is one I am keen to collect myself as well as the charity work so this is one which will be added to my own collection.  It’s getting framed up and on the office wall later today 🙂  You couldn’t meet a nicer bloke, and if by some miracle you stumble across this Tommy, thanks from both Sheena and I for being so good with us on the flight.  Hope your time up north goes well for you.

All in all, a pretty good 24 hours in London.


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