Scottish Cup Final Day

I’ve got quite a bit of catching up to do in terms of posting items which have come in this week, but I thought I would update today with the tale of my visit to Hampden for the Scottish Cup Final.  Billed as the biggest match of all time… it was a big occasion, with Hearts and Hibs meeting in the final for the first time in over 100 years.  I headed over early to see who was about, and managed to get some pretty good stuff signed for the Xmas Auctions, as well several birthday cards along the way.  Included in both was Mission Impossible 2 star Dougray Scott (the man who could so easily have been Bond!)  He was running around a bit at first, but I caught him in the end before the game, just as well as he’d have been in a much worse mood by the end.

Another added bonus today was the arrival of Scotland captain and Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher.  I’ve got some club cards for him, but with no idea he would show up, I had no chance of finding them, so got him to sign for the Xmas/Birthday Card auction.  it was great to see Darren, first time in a while, and he seems in high spirits and aiming to be back playing next season, though it’s noticeable he’s lost some weight.

The hope for the turn out of loads of ex players didn’t quite materialise, but one who did arrive was Hibs legend Pat Stanton, who I’ve never met before and was delighted to get a photo with.  Pat’s addition to the Xmas Card auction has “Hibs FC” underneath it making a brilliant item for auction.

Scottish International goalie Craig Gordon was in town for the game, and I managed to nab him for a second or two, though sadly I had run out of goalie gloves at the time for signing.

I was listening to Craig’s interviews with the press outside, and he’s no idea where he will be playing next season (hopefully in Scotland!) but judging by the speed he tore across the car park with his tickets he certainly is back to fitness.

All in all a pretty good day, and I got a fair amount of other items signed for the auctions including from Graeme Dorrans, Steven Fletcher and numerous others.  I’ll leave this article with the pic of Dougray and myself, so close to my first photo with James Bond.


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