How Has A Week Gone By…

…since I last posted on this blog?  Shocking!

Right, I had a rather hectic day, with running about for twelve hours encompassing a visit to Celtic’s last training session of the year followed by a trip to Dunfermline for their final SPL outing for at least a year, where they hosted Kilmarnock.  It didn’t go entirely to plan, but I got some pretty good items so pretty happy.

The trip to Celtic went well, with the players who are supporting the auctions with kit confirming all should be well tomorrow.  I’m hoping they come through, though the nightmare weather will be making it hard.   I also got some items signed for a private buyer, which was the aim of the morning, as well as getting a couple of birthday cards signed for auctioning.

From there it was onto Fife where things got a bit manic due to some exuberant fans and the fact the whole Killie team essentially charged out at once.  I managed to get some xmas cards signed up by the team including this one from star striker Dean Shiels.  I also got a multi signed birthday card from the team, including several of the the 2012 League Cup winners, making this a brilliant item for collectors and fans 🙂

As we left the ground, I bumped into Dunfermline legend Hamish French who was kind enough to sign an Xmas Card and pose for a photo as well.  I always like getting proper legends from clubs on cards, and Hamish falls right into that category.

It’s a free listing weekend, so you can expect to see items up for grabs when I get back in from Celtic Park tomorrow, right now I’m totally pooped and in need of some snooze time.

Check here to see the items which arrived in the post this morning 🙂 , including a nice surprise from Liverpool FC.


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