A BIG Day for Match Worn Items…and a REALLY special doodle

It’s been a pretty awesome day, with one of the most standout responses to a letter request in some time.  Billy Sharp of Southampton went above and beyond in my eyes, with the items he sent me.  You can check them out HERE.

Onto the hunting I did myself today, and a tremendous response to the match worn items requests I had made over the course of the season.  First up was a trip to St Mirren where a couple of players had offered support for my auctions over the course of the season.  One is still pending, but after diving into the ground after arriving, striker Steven Thompson handed over a pair of his boots for auction.  Always an absolute gent in every way, Stephen has been banging the goals in this season and has previously turned out for Rangers, Dundee United, Burnley as well as being capped for Scotland.

Stephen is pictured right as he signs the boots.  I’m hoping the other offer of support will come good in the next week 🙂  I also got a St Mirren polo shirt signed up by the team for auctioning as well as a cracking birthday card from Gary Teale.

Following a mad dash to the train station, and a beer shared on the train with some friendly rugby fans, I made it to Hamilton in time for the final First Division match of the season between Accies and the Jags.  Several of the players had promised to support the auctions, and I was delighted that they all came through (well, nearly all 😉 ).

First out was Accies’ midfielder, and a long term supporter of my auctions, Jim McAlister.  Jim was man of the match in today’s game, and netted his first goal in Hamilton colours just last week.  This is the third time Jim has donated boots to my auctions, and it’s a tremendous gesture once again.  Almost as impressive was how he got through the hoards of kids outside the front door to get the boots to me 🙂

From then on it was Thistle Time, with both Paul Paton and Willie Kinniburgh coming out with their boots in quick succession.  Both of them wear black boots so I had a bit of a challenge there, but I am pretty happy with how they look all things considered. It’s always nice when your players from your own team support fundraising, so I can’t thank Willie and Paul enough!

                                       Looks like the sun got to the pic of Paul a bit, but you get the idea I am sure 🙂

Last, but not least, was Stephen O’Donnell who donated the boots he used for training this year.

Stephen was also the part of the highly successful Celtic Under 19 team which won the league and cup double last season.

As I was focusing on the match worn items today, I didn’t manage to get many Xmas/Birthday cards signed, though I did manage a nice one from Gary Teale at St Mirren and then this one from Thistle Manager and former Celtic star Jackie McNamara.

It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway…

MASSIVE THANKS to every one of you guys, I can’t thank you enough.  It goes without saying these items will be included in auction shortly.


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