A New Pair of Running Shoes :)

Though I may be missing out on this weekend’s action, I was delighted to be woken this morning by a Special Delivery item which I didn’t expect to receive until next week.  I had been contacted last week on behalf of Sports Direct who were seeking bloggers to write reviews of their running shoes, and I was more than happy to participate.  Thanks to Sonia for organising this for me.

I had a wee think about what I wanted, and with two pairs of road running shoes in my possession, I opted for a pair more suited for the trail running I did last weekend in Tulliallan, as I know I want to do more of that in the future.  Pictured to the right are the awesome pair of running shoes that I received this morning.  Having tried them on this morning, these Asics Gel Enduro 7 shoes really do fit the bill. It’s no mean feat (feet… oh man) to find running shoes which are comfortable on me, so I was delighted with these. Added to that, the colour scheme is nice and, let’s face it, more suited to trail running than the white ones I headed out in last weekend.  (makes mental note, must clean those trainers).

I’ll be giving them a test run later this week when I need to destress from the packing madness, and I’ll report back then how they feel out and about.

(Disclaimer: Sports Direct supplied these running shoes to me at no cost, but have no influence over my opinion of them.  All that was asked of me was that I placed a link tied to the words “running shoes” in my blog which led to their selection of said items.  No one was abducted by aliens in the course of writing this entry)


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One Response to A New Pair of Running Shoes :)

  1. Sonia says:

    Glad you like them!

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