Phew…it’s been a busy week, preparing for the move and sorting out essays and assignments, so here’s a rundown on everything that’s been going on in Twelveby12Land.

Firstly, you may remember that late last year I had an interview with Harriet Brace, a student at Glasgow Caledonian University, who spoke to me about my Christmas Card Auction.  What followed was a second piece being put together from the interview I did with her, which tured into the following article on In The City magazine, recreated on Harriet’s website.  I’m delighted with the article of course.

I’ve also added numerous new events to my calendar since Sport Relief, but I’ll just suggest you click on the events tab above to check out what they are.  More and more to be added in the coming months.

It’s a free listing weekend just now, so as well as working on assignments and packing, there will be auctions going online this weekend.

A random photo from today’s autograph hunting, with Aberdeen star Kari Arneson, who will be one of those to sign the Xmas/Birthday cards being signed shortly for auction.

The letters sent out two weeks ago continue to bear fruit with around 35 of them back already, today’s mail bringing responses from Andrew Whyment, Paul Carrack and Rupert Everett among others.

I have this nagging feeling there is more I should be putting into this update, but I cannot for the life of me remember what they are just now. Perhaps it will come back to me later…


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