A Good Morning… Strictly Speaking!

Following on from my Geordie Assistant’s success with the Strictly Come Dancing Tour a couple of days ago, I winged my way down to the hotel this morning in Glasgow to see what I could add to the auction stock.  And meet Robbie Savage.

It was one of those days with scattered departure times from 11-1 but I managed to get pretty much everything I hoped for from the day.  Among those to sign were Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood (pictured with me left) – Bruno signed some Xmas Cards and Craig has already signed some for the collection.

There were two I REALLY wanted to add some to the Xmas Auction today… Robbie Savage (who signed his first card in Newcastle this week – never hurts to have some back ups 🙂 ) and Harry Judd of McFly fame.  Robbie was among the last to emerge but cheerfully stopped for everyone there (including coming back off the bus for a wee girl who nearly missed him).  Harry seemed in a bit of a strange mood, but signed FOUR Xmas cards for me while commenting on the bizarreness of Xmas Cards in February – he won’t be the first and he won’t be the last.  There’s me and the lad from McFly to the right.  Also pictured is myself with the legend that is Robbie Savage – DELIGHTED!

The final awesome item to share is one for my own from someone I met last year following the Great Scottish Run.  Former swimmer Mark Foster who posed with me holding the Olympic Torch last September, signed a white card for me, adding his trademark “fish doodle” in style.  This is one I’d quite like to mount with the photo of me with him for my own collection as it’s just awesome!

The only one to ignore us pretty much was Anita Dobson who flew past without even looking, while Nancy De… Dell.. De’ … you know.. her who was married to Sven, left earlier than we got there it seemed.

Others who stopped for pics were Jason Donovan, Len Goodman, Mark Foster and Chelsee Healey so I got 5/7 of the Celebrities present, plus all three judges.  All in all not too bad a day.

BIG thanks to Emma for taking so many photos for me (presuming she has found my site now!)


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