Three In A Row Baby!!

I am delighted to say I finished today’s MBNA Chester Marathon making it three medals in five weeks for me!

Chester was the culmination of a grueling month of events, starting with the Great Scottish Run, and then three full marathons – Glasgow Shine, Berlin & Chester.

As you can see from the photo, I’m a rather happy Robin after crossing the finish line, medal in hand.  I’m also rather chuffed as I finished in just a shade over 7hrs… slow by runners standards, but the fastest I have completed a marathon since 2008, and just a whisker away from a personal best.  Unconfirmed finish time is 7.02.34  I can honestly say this is the best I have ever felt after a full marathon, though I’m tired from being up before 6am, I feel awesome considering what I have done today.  Can’t wait to get into my own bed though… note to hotel, double bed should not be so small that Robin falls out of it in his sleep!

Aside from some hotel issues… awful meal, lack of wifi … we had a lovely stay in Chester, and I am very much considering a return for the half marathon in Spring next year.  I’m currently sitting in a less than impressive first class coach on a Virgin Pendolino (note to all, don’t waste your money!) and with delayed times will be lucky to get home by 1am.

In the meantime, I’ll sign off.  If you’ve not sponsored me yet, have a think about it… TBYT99 £3 to 70070 would equate to sponsoring me £1 for each of the marathons I have done in the last five weeks… it’s worth that right?

I’ll post some more Chester photos tomorrow.


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