From The Depths of Despair….

…came the Olympic Torch!!

Though yesterday’s post was doom and gloom without that race number, I headed into George Square armed with my cover letter determined that they would allow me to do the race.  And allow me they did!

I had no official timing chip as my race number was temporary, but I was just delighted to be in under the circumstances. I finished around the 3hr10 mark, having been hoping to hit 3 hours, but still delighted to have finished in the unseasonable Glasgow warmth.

Undoubted highlight of the day was getting to hold the Olympic Torch, pictured above with multi world record holding swimmer Mark Foster at the end, while to the right is the traditional cheesy medal photo at the end of the race.

I’m immensely happy that I didn’t miss the race, and am now looking forward to my next event, a full marathon (Glasgow Shine) in just five days time!

On Saturday night, I nipped out to add a few items to the Xmas Card Auction stock and to thank Debbie Chazen, one of my long term artwork supporters in person for her help.  I was delighted to get some Xmas cards and Dr Who trading cards signed up by Debbie and Bruno Langley, with the ever friendly Scottish Paparazzi being on hand to snap a couple of photos of them signing.

To the left is the awesome Debbie (aka Dr Who’s Foon Van Hoff) signing her trading cards (and apparently Rula Lenska picking her nose in the background) while below is former Corrie and fellow Dr Who Guest Bruno Langley signing my items for me, all following the final Glasgow night of Calendar Girls.  Needless to say, as usual Jennifer Ellison was not one for stopping and signing.  Quite sad really.

I love how it almost looks like there is a TARDIS behind Bruno in the photo, with the way the lighting turned out.

HUGE thanks to Billy for those photographs.


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