I am delighted to announce my new addition to the world of Unique Auctions… ScribbleDoodle 2011 !!!

Later this year I will be holding a single auction day for this brilliant new idea (credit must go to the awesome Sheena Young for her assistance in devising this one).  ScribbleDoodle 2011 focuses around a doodle and a quote.  On a custom designed a4 card, the celebrity is invited to create a doodle in the designated box, and then write their favourite quote beneath, and of course sign the card as well.

While the first letters sent this week have this morning begun to bear fruit, my first ScribbleDoodle comes from the awesome Mr Ed Byrne.  Created on one of the special “@ Edinburgh Festival” ScribbleDoodle 2011 cards, Ed was more than happy to support the cause.  You can see him pictured to the left with his creation, with a close up of the artwork below.

Also adding their support to ScribbleDoodle 2011 so far are Michelin Star Winning Chef Michel Roux Jr & satirical artist Bill Stott, as well as Brian Clemens, the man behind The Avengers!

I’m delighted with the initial response to ScribbleDoodle 2011, and plan to add many more to this very special auction.  I’ll be adding an official page to this site shortly to keep tabs on who has donated.

As with the Dr Who auctions, I won’t be revealing the majority of the artworks until nearer the auction date to keep suspense and interest building.

Further updates to ScribbleDoodle 2011 will occur as and when items come in for the auction, so please do watch this space 🙂


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