London BABY!!

Lesson No1… Don’t get a bus to London the night before running a race. I’d love to say I will listen to my own advice, but we all know I will do it again!

Anyways, it was faster and furiouser than a Roy Walker Ready Money Round, and within 24 hours of leaving Glasgow I was back, medal in hand and happy as can be.

A bus run to London which started with the American contingent in front of me, with much discussion of faces being licked in pub in Inverness (I wonder if Google will ever bring them here) and a merciful seat to myself for the first few hours.  The second half of the journey was spent trying to get some shuteye, I reckon about 3 hours on and off being the end result.

After a relaxing breakfast in Trafalgar Square (BIG kudos to the awesome Sheena Young for her culinary skills there!) it was off to Victoria to meet someone who would destroy me time wise in the race – cracking to meet you at last James Rhodes!

Anyways, on to the race, and there’s me looking as happy as I can despite the lack of sleep and the heat.  A new race number thanks to a missing timing chip, and I’m ready to go.

To be honest, it wasn’t my best performance, but given the heat, I’m pretty chuffed to have finished and to have my medal in hand.  As predicted Mr Rhodes hammered me into the ground (fortunately I didn’t try and keep his pace on race day)

There’s a happy me on the right, posing with me medal on the Mall, just after crossing the finish line.  Apparently the building behind me saw some excitement a month before.

A cracking day all round, and I am chuffed to have taken part in the event which took in part of the London 2012 Olympic course.

Huge thanks are due to my running partner for the day Warren, pictured below with our medals in front of the Palace.  It’s always helpful to have someone to encourage you through the down bits of a race, so huge thanks to Warren for helping me on my way round the course and for snapping my end of race photos.

It’s a mark of just how dehydrated I felt, that my pub visit afterwards saw more water consumed than alcohol – just as well really, I’d forgotten what London prices are like!

Thankfully the return journey was much easier, aside from the sitting around the airport factor and I was incredibly thankful to not have another overnight bus to endure.  Quite why the group of lads at the back of the plane felt the need to shout “potatoes” a lot, or why the guy sitting next to me was counting thousands of pounds and licking his false teeth clean, I don’t know.

Anyways, onwards and upwards and 12 days until the next event.. the Glasgow Urbanathlon!


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One Response to London BABY!!

  1. Warren Brooker says:

    Had a blast running, jogging and walking with younon the Bupa 10000… I have already signed up for 2012, seeyou there buddy!!!

    The very best of luck for the rest of your fundraising in 2011.

    The highlight of the day for me was the smile on my little girls face when I gave her the medal… She keeps running up and down the hall way with it on… The next Jo Pavey possibly…?

    Thanks for your company looking forward to hooking up again in 2012.


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