Another Face of Robin…

A wee while ago I won a Twitter competition run by the rather brilliant Bearman Cartoons.  I didn’t have to do much, merely stumble upon his page at the right time to be follower no1000 (or as he puts it, follower no200 when you deduct the pornbots).

The outcome was this rather awesome caricature of myself, complete with charity medal. I’m chuffed to bits with this, and would like to thank Bearman for his awesome prize.

If you click on the image, it will take you to the page on his site which features my caricature, and then onwards to check out the other brilliant pieces.  His “Charlie Sheen” topical gag is awesome! He does commissions as well, so do check out his work if you need any caricatures or simply want a good laugh. is the place to go to find his work 🙂



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21 Responses to Another Face of Robin…

  1. frigginloon says:

    Woohoo, first here, so what’s my prize???? Kidding 🙂 Just doing a driveby

  2. duncanr says:

    Hi Robbin – like loon I’ve found you through Bearman’s site

    Like you I’ve been the lucky recipient of one of his caricatures – see Gravatar. I love mine

    P.S. you got any beer in here or a pool table or something to help me pass the time while I’m sat here in’moderation’ ? 😆

  3. Tony McGurk says:

    Hi Robin, Bearman sent me. Congratulations on winnong the caricature. He did a great job. Good ikeness.

  4. Tony McGurk says:

    Ummm…. winnong should read winning, stupid keboard…

    • twelveby12 says:

      thanks Tony, and thanks for popping by 🙂 take a chance to look around while you’re hear and if you get the chance to spread the word of my fundraising, it would be appreciated 🙂

  5. George says:

    Hi, Robin! Just sending a ‘whasssup’ via Bearman’s site. If he says you’re cool with him, then you’re cool with me.

    • twelveby12 says:

      Hey George,

      Thanks very much for popping by. It’s great to see so many of Bearman’s fans pop by for a look. I love his work and was thrilled with my prize creation. It also sits as my Facebook profile pic now, so its out there in the world for all to see 🙂

      Please be sure to pop by and check out my charity work, and if you get a chance spread the word a wee bit. I’m always happy to help promote other blogs who help out drawing attention to my fundraising 🙂


  6. tixrus says:

    I also found u through Bearman. As you see his fans are quite chatty. Congrats!

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